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Tracy & William :
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Wedding planner好有心,跟得好足,又吾hard sell其他收費服務,見我地有咩需要加都會盡量幫我地同Bali果邊問。
Wong & Mary :
The Diamond Bali
Special thanks to the couples for sharing joy with their lovely wedding photos.
Venue The Diamond Bali
Type Wedding Chapel
Country Indonesia
City Bali
Location The Diamond Wedding Pavilion located in Sanur Area, clean beach front and well known as the beach of sunrise.With the beautiful design, elegant concept and situated on the tropical garden, the diamond pavilion accepted by all market for wedding party, vows and legal wedding to make unforgettable moment and memories.

The Wedding Pavilion constructed in 2490 M2 with glass material with ocean blue color length 13 M height 15 M Width 15 M , exclusive for 52 paxs and the around area could be accommodates for 500 wedding participant to held seating dinner party, completely with 3 (three) elegant bridal villa, guest lounge with comfortable seating and waiting area for guests as they arrive for the ceremony.

The Diamond Wedding Pavillion offers legal and blessed wedding, providing exquisite items, a wedding gown, floristry, video, photography and banquet services completely sincere services and resources of the team member whose could combine excellent service and gourmet cuisine in providing the stylish, luxurious atmosphere that the couple dreaming

The Diamond Bali is a great dreaming wedding venue, where every couple wanted to proof their Eternal of Love that reflecting the perfection of nature made, man reflection in which built in perfection of precision within the ambiance of blue spell to make a memorable wedding of yours. Enjoying the experiences as once in a lifetime experience, the diamond will witness your eternal love! Imagining a wedding under the blue spells!

Ceremony Legal + Blessed Wedding (Religious Proof)
Legal + Blessed Wedding (No Religious Proof)
Blessed Wedding (Religious Proof, No legal binding)
Blessed Wedding (No Religious Proof, No legal binding)
Symbolic Wedding (No legal binding, Non religious)
Duration About 20-25 Minutes, total rental about 70 minutes
Language Indonesian with English translation Or English
Music 1 keyboardist with 4 singers
Wedding Time 1000 / 1130 / 1300 / 1500 / 1700
Travelling Info. Singapore Airline with 3 nights hotel, around HKD 3,990 up per pax
Cathay Pacific with 3 nights hotel, around HKD 4,780 up per pax
Hong Kong Express with 3 nights hotel, around HKD 4,000 up per pax
Garuda Indonesia with 3 nights hotel, around HKD 4,000 up per pax
Hotel Info. From HKD 300 - 6,000, depending on hotel or villa class