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01 Aug 2015
Congratulation! Wedding Abroad awarded The Best(MORE)
30 Jan 2014
Wedding Abroad wish you a great year of Horse, stay sweet all the year!!(MORE)
18 Jan 2014
Hokkaido Legal Wedding is available in Wedding Abroad now!!(MORE)
31 Dec 2013
Wish all the couples happy and sweet 2014!!(MORE)
24 Dec 2013
Wish all our couples & dear friends - Merry Christmas!!(MORE)
21 Nov 2013
Hokkaido latest wedding package has been launched!(MORE)
12 Nov 2013
The new Maldives wedding package has been published!(MORE)
05 Nov 2013
The latest Korean shooting package has been updated!(MORE)
25 Oct 2013
Karuizawa Leagl Wedding is available!(MORE)
10 Oct 2012
facebook offer for this month(MORE)

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Wish all our couples & dear friends - Merry Christmas!!
24 Dec 2013
Wish all our couples & friends - Merry Christmas!!
Dear friends, please notice that Wedding Abroad will be close on 25 Dec 2013, and will open on 26 Dec 2013!!
You can explore our packages and photos on our website and facebook first.

Also, a news said that Andy Hui and Sammi Cheng have been married in Bali. We wish this couple happy wedding!!!
If you interested in Bali wedding, please feel free to contact us.
Thank you for your support!!