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Zoey and Dixon's wedding in Bali!
學女星海外閃婚去(Part 2)-
學女星海外閃婚去(Part 1)-
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  Wedding Abroad is offering various wedding services in countries all over the world, which covers Italy, France, Greece, Switzerland, Germany, Czech, USA, Hawaii, Philippines, Japan, Korea, Shanghai, Guam, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, etc. We are the only local wedding planning consultancy opening branches in overseas, thus our clients can enjoy one-stop services by our own well-trained wedding planners and production team.
We tailor make service packages for couples, arrangements includes Legal wedding application, flight and hotel reservations, wedding venue reservations, minister, wedding photography and videography, make up, wedding dress, wedding transport, music, decoration, tour guide, translation. Our experienced Wedding Planners would professionally advise the wedding details to wedding couple.
- Partner:
- "Star Overseas Wedding Brand" Award
- A Member of Quality Wedding Merchant (2008-2013)
- HKRMA “Outstanding Performance Award
  SME Service Excellence Award Scheme” (View)
- Wedding Message Magazine
  The Best "liked" Overseas Wedding Planners and Service Team (View)
  Your 12 reasons for choosing Wedding Abroad:

  1. Almost 10 years experience in Overseas Wedding Planning - Established in 2002, the most experienced Overseas Wedding Planner in Hong Kong, created a trend for Overseas Wedding.

  2. Complimentary Legal wedding service – provides free legal wedding service to clients with all legal application fees and handling fee, couples do not need to worry about applying the legal wedding again when they go back to their country.

  3. Complimentary Wedding Abroad Services - In 9 years, Wedding Abroad organised more than 7,000 of couples (from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan etc) for their Overseas Weddings or Pre-Wedding Photo Shootings. Most of the Chapels or Venues provide much lower contract rates to Wedding Abroad than their retail price to direct Couples (similar concept as group / bulk purchase, the more it buys, the cheaper rate it could get). When Couples join Wedding Abroad’s service in same or even lower price for the entire wedding, it means that they enjoyed the *free* Wedding Planning service from Wedding Abroad.

  4. Quality Wedding Merchant – Wedding Abroad was awarded “Quality Wedding Merchant” qualification which was organised by the Productivity Council and Esdlife Hong Kong from 2008-2013, and it was also awarded “Super Star Overseas Wedding Planner” organised by Wedding Magazine.

  5. Overseas Branches – The only Hong Kong Overseas Wedding Planner set up Operation Branches in other overseas countries, organise one stop wedding arrangements for the Couples from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan, but it never handovers the Couples to other local agents. It provides 100% safety and quality to Couples.

  6. Hong Thai Travel exclusive offers – Hong Thai Travel, the biggest travel agency in Hong Kong, provides exclusive offers for incentive tours, FIT package, train tickets, hotels or travel tours to Wedding Abroad’s Couples.

  7. Partners’ exclusive offers – Airlines, Tourism Boards, Banks, Restaurants, Wedding Reception Venues, Facial Treatment Centres, Slimming Centres, Wine Shops are now providing more than HKD 20,000 exclusive gifts, offers, discounts or supports to every single Wedding Abroad Couples.

  8. Exclusive Wedding Venues – Cooperate with Chapels or Venues in the world, providing exclusive Venues to Chinese.

  9. Complimentary Tailor made Wedding Gown and Suit – the tailormade wedding gown and suit are included in our package and the Couples own them after their Wedding.

  10. Special Carefree 3 steps programme – The Couples simply need to 1) submit the documents needed for legal wedding application 2) decide the wedding date, venue and invitees etc 3) visit Wedding Abroad to measure for the Wedding Gown and Suit. Wedding Abroad handles the rest of the complicated application procedures and wedding arrangements.

  11. Overseas Staff training and experience – most of the overseas make up artists and photographers are the Company employees, they receive Bride make up training, courtesy training and photo shooting training etc in Hong Kong or International standard. The Chinese speaking Bridal Assistants in overseas are very experienced in arranging Asian and Chinese Couples. Wedding Abroad also provides exclusive overseas Wedding Photography service with local famous photographers for its Couples.

  12. Over 100 Wedding Venues – Wedding Abroad provides more than 100 Wedding Venues in all over the world, it becomes the biggest Overseas Wedding Planner in Hong Kong. In case of unpredictable crisis, it has absolute ability to re-arrange the Overseas Wedding in other country, based on the Couple’s intentions.